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As with most schools, residential homes, or shopping malls; handrails are a prominent architectural element at every building. Highly important for staircases, handrails ensure optimum safety and prevent a slip and fall accident. However, other than adding safety, handrails also enhance the attractiveness and value of the house or any building in an unmatched way. It is because handrails come in a varied range of colors, patterns, and designs that they work wonders in accentuating the beauty of a specific area.

If you’re looking to purchase handrail, make sure you choose ADA handrail without thinking twice. ADA compliant handrails are widely sought after not only for stairs, but docks, ramps, porches, decks, balconies, walkways, and hiking trails as well. It is important for you to know that handrails are built with safety and consistency in mind, but to ensure that they are accessible to people with disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) created a set of compliance standards. For instance, the railing must be continuous and smooth, in addition to being located on both sides of stairways, ramps, etc. The height should be 34-36 inches, and the space between the handrail and the wall or any other obstruction must be 1.5 inches or more. Not only an ADA compliant handrail mustn’t rotate in its fitting, but also possess either a rounded end or return smoothly to the floor, a wall, or a post.

That said if looking to place an order for ADA handrail or stainless steel cable railing kits, place your trust in us without thinking twice!

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ADA Handrail: For Utmost Safety & Superior Looks