Patio Enclosure System 

Flat Spline 1000 ft. Bulk

Enjoy the outdoors!  Be the destination of choice on your block for the outdoor BBQ or weekend gathering, order a Madden patio enclosure today!  

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Screen & Spline Roller

Patio Enclosure System 

- ​Deck & Stair Railing Kits

- ADA Compliant Pipe Railing

- Screen Enclosure Kits

- Round Pipe Railing

- Fence Panels

- Gates ​​

1x2x8 Patio Enclosure 

Building a screen enclosure or screen rail system on your existing patio or deck is now even easier with our simple screen wall solutions....

If you have a ground floor or balcony that needs to be screened in, you've found the right company to help create your dreams  - Our patio enclosure kits are a delivered to your door solution for the ultimate outdoor environment.  These are not cheap knockoff one-time-season kits.  Madden systems are backed with stamped engineering and designed to be used from ground floor to high-rise for many years.  

Madden products are preferred by homeowners and professionals who desire top quality results.  Our experienced staff will layout a component driven solution which will be tailored to your deck or patio's needs. 


  • 1in.x2in. .079 gauge aluminum open back extrusion with screw bosses, available in 8ft., 10ft., 12ft., and 24ft. lengths

  • 2in.x2in. .079 gauge aluminum square dual channel post with screw bosses, available in 8ft, 10ft., 12ft., and 24ft. lengths

  • 2in.x2in. .079 gauge aluminum self mating snap post with screw bosses (for integrated balusters) available in 8ft., 10ft., 12ft., and 24ft. lengths.

  • Maintenance Free Aluminum Construction

  • Pre-hung door kits single and french with inter-changeable swing direction (optional)

  • 18x14 mesh insect screening standard with .290 or .310 flat spline. Optional screening sizes, colors and products available such as: no-see-um, and pet screening.

  • Extrusion colors: White, Bronze, and special order

  • Fully illustrated instructions with tips and hints to help you finish like a pro

  • Exceptional phone or email help hotline

2x2x8 Patio Enclosure 

Patio Enclosure System

Flat Spline 100 ft. Black 

Insect Screen 9 ft. x 15

90 Degree Angle Clip 

Patio Enclosure Kits and Components

Screen Door Kit 3068

Supporting Documents

1x2 or 2x2 Receiver