Building or purchasing a new house, is one of the heaviest investment to make. People usually forget the importance of proper covering and the importance of having the right type of Patio Enclosure, whether to secure your glass door on the front, or for screen rooms, sunrooms, and solariums, etc.

One of the most important parts of choosing the right patio enclosure is picking the wall material. The wall material will have a huge effect on whether or not you feel comfortable. The wall material will make a big difference in the way the patio looks from the outside as well as inside. Patio Enclosure components determine the quality that is so important.

When looking for the best ADA compliant enclosures and handrails - make sure you get it from the best in business; Madden Industries will ensure you get the best aluminum or vinyl frame material. Look for other major components like adjustable pipes, loops, bends, etc. - and stay tension-free!

We ship all over the world from our factory in the heart of Missouri, reaching most points in the US in under 4 days.

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