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Outdoor handrails have gained widespread popularity not only because they add to the beauty of the place and seem to complete the design of decks and porches, they are essential for safety purposes as well. They provide a steady grip while climbing stairs and reduce the chances of injuries in kids. For carrying heavy loads, preventing nasty falls, increasing safety during inclement weather and enhancing comforting, it is essential to invest money in high quality outdoor stair railing parts.

Every home deserves a long lasting, maintenance free railing that complements its outer appearance. While purchasing staircase railing kits, you need to pay a lot of attention to rail width and pitch. If anyone in your home suffers from arthritis or has trouble in establishing a strong grip, installing a shiny railing that has ultra-smooth touch can make the matter worse. It is essential to comply with the regulations specified by International Residential Code (IRC), otherwise you might end up getting in a lot of trouble.

A designer railing can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home and grab a lot of attention. You can opt for a modernist look with glass panel staircase railing if you want to enjoy an unobstructed view or go with the conventional options if you like to keep things simple. Madden Industries is one of the largest American manufacturers of deck and stair railing kits, ADA compliant pipe railing, screen enclosure kits, round pipe railing, fence panels, etc. They offer an extensive range of high quality products at affordable prices to their customers and assist them through the installation process.

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Outdoor Stair Railings for Enhancing Safety