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If you have a well-kept deck that is in good shape, but the railing pickets need refinishing, you don’t need to replace the entire railing. You can get the look of a new deck and railing by simply installing new aluminum pickets in a thoughtful way.

Begin by carefully removing the worn out railings and balusters taking particular note of the railing frames and their structural condition.  If the frames are in acceptable shape for remodeling, then updating the baluster will be a quick and easy process.  If the frames are deteriorated and decking is worn, it would be a good idea to inspect the deck footings and the frames as well to verify structural integrity of your entire deck. The condition of the wood and the overall structural integrity should be the prime factors to determine whether or not the deck needs to be torn down or simply revamped. Once that is decided and you feel that your deck is sound and ready for remodel, it’s time to choose and plan your installation of your new architectural aluminum baluster.  Choose a aluminum picket that will give you the desired look and has a secure method of attaching to a wooden or aluminum frame.  Get them ordered and in to production while you finish up any necessary repairs.

Before you start with the reinstallation of your railing frames, take one more look and verify that you have removed and replaced any stripped fasteners in your railing frames and decking boards.  Also, verify your posts are plumb and tight.  If your posts are in need of repair, stop and inspect your framing structures around the posts once more.  Railing frames are only as good as the posts that support them.  There are several options for refinishing or wrapping wooden posts if needed – research the best option for you.  Aluminum posts are also available and offer structural integrity and an extended life span to your deck.  Once you have made all the necessary repairs and your ordered aluminum picket is delivered and onsite, start your reinstallation making sure you follow the recommended picket spacing per your local building code.  Be sure to attach your frames with new appropriate fasteners.  The aluminum picket choices are endless and the uniqueness of your build will stand out from the rest.

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Rebuild An Old Deck With New Aluminum Pickets