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Upgrade Your Residential Or Commercial Property With Madden Industries

Your property, regardless if it’s a residential home or commercial condo and/or apartment, chances are you have an exterior deck and railing protecting an outdoor area.  Traditional wood or steel railings deteriorate over time and upgrading your older traditional railing adds value and curb appeal to your property.  Save time and money by eliminating the yearly maintenance requirements of wood and steel railings.  Vinyl is also a maintenance challenge as vinyl will tend to chalk after a few years in the elements.  Vinyl also requires aluminum framing to gets its strength, so why not just go with a prefinished high quality aluminum railing to start with and scrap the vinyl exterior.  Aluminum railings have come along ways over the years.  Aluminum deck railing kits can have various infills and paint schemes.  Choose a belly and bow, glass infill, or traditional aluminum square balusters.

Madden Industries is a leader in quality aluminum EZ handrails, cable railing kits, patio screen enclosures and more. We also specialize in ADA compliant pipe railing, glass railing, belly and bow face mount railing, fence panels and other necessary accessories that provide safety and security to residential and commercial structures all over the world.

Save time and money with easy to install Cable Railing kits from Madden Industries.  Stainless steel cable railings are an ideal choice for installing in existing / new steel or wooden posts.  Cable railing kits and can be conveniently cut onsite, fittings then get swaged in position with a hand tool. All of the features of a custom built cable line, done in the field.  Add an integrated turnbuckle tightening system on one side of your cable line to allow for easy tensioning. With a tensioning turnbuckle, maintenance of the line becomes effortless providing durability to the overall project.

Get professional results every time! Customize the look in and around your home without spending a fortune to do so. From pipes, panels, stair bends, to the whole range of glass and steel handrails - get everything under your budget with Madden Industries.

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